Bathu launches new sneaker range

Bathu launches new sneaker range

Breaking barriers and challenging stereotypes: Bathu launches new sneaker range

Bathu CEO Theo Baloyi and one of the sneakers in the Khalanga range.
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Award-winning entrepreneur Theo Baloyi and his sneaker brand, Bathu, recently launched their all-new Khalanga range.

Per a statement, the new range marks a significant milestone in Baloyi’s commitment to diversity and empowerment. The new range is available in six different colourways –  two white variants, black, red, green and blue.

“In launching this new sneaker range, we aim to break barriers, challenge stereotypes about who we are and inspire a new generation of kids to embrace their uniqueness,” Baloyi said. “We want African children and adults alike to feel a sense of pride and belonging, knowing that they are celebrated and respected through this new range.”

“The Khalanga range displays an array of captivating designs and six colourways that pay homage to various aspects of my life, from patterns inspired by traditional African opulent textiles to bold, vibrant hues symbolising the energy and vibrancy of my people, every element tells a story of resilience and pride.”



Bathu’s managing director Cedric Diphoko said they are excited about their latest offering.

“Khalanga speaks to the journey and our vision to bring about a quality product that is durable and at an affordable price range,” he said.

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