Music enthusiasts and aficionados of soulful melodies are in for an unforgettable treat as Music People x Sonic Cities proudly present ‘AFROSOUL’ a captivating day and night event celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Africa through mesmerizing performances and infectious beats this month.

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Cabo Beach Club, this musical extravaganza promises an experience that transcends boundaries, officially kicking off the countdown to New Years Eve in the mother city.

Headlining this extraordinary event are the illustrious powerhitters Ami Faku and Zoë Modiga, renowned for their soul-stirring vocals and magnetic stage presence.

Joining them are Cape Towns’ own Dwson offering a fresh innovative sound and the rhythmical beats of Bridges For Music alumni Gxhst Bunny on the decks, Together the fusion of electronic beats and traditional Afro Soul elements ensures an unparalleled auditory experience that seamlessly blends modernity with cultural richness.

Set to transpire on the 29th of December 2023, the event kicks off at 4 PM, at the vibrant Cabo Beach Club.

Beyond being a musical spectacle, this event is a celebration of diversity and unity held in a vibrant international marked destination. Attendees from diverse backgrounds are invited to converge and revel in the beauty of Afro Soul music.

From the soulful tunes of Ami Faku and Zoë Modiga to the innovative sounds of Dwson and local DJ talents, the ‘Afro Soul’ event epitomizes the unifying power of music, connecting people and celebrating Africa’s vibrant heritage.

Tickets for this exclusive event are available for purchase at Howler, ranging from R350 – R750 per person HERE

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