Edm Artist Undertone Is Dropping Singles

Edm Artist Undertone Is Dropping Singles

Edm Artist Undertone Is Dropping Singles At A Rapid Pace. The New Single ‘Pomodoro’ Is A Fun Track About A Tomato

EDM artist Tim Bouwers is on a roll, releasing a slew of hot new EDM tracks from his studio in Benoni, SA.

His latest single ‘Pomodoro’ was inspired during a family road trip.

“We stopped at a great little seaside town, Wilderness (Western Cape, South Africa), and had dinner at an Italian restaurant called Pomodoro. While talking and joking around the table, the idea came up to make a song about a tomato. It sounded crazy but also like a fun project to do, so here it is – a fun family song about the tomato – in 14 languages, so it’s educational too”.

The single is getting major love from international DJ syndications – DJ Peter Bedard (UK) says  ‘The production is flawless, every beat and melody perfectly crafted! DJ Cubanito from Texas says “Cute track! Reminds me of the Italo Disco era! I love it, and will be playing this on my radio mix show!

His first 2 singles ‘Rolling Circus’ and ‘Atmosphere Analog’ generated enough hype for him to be featured on a slew of international music blogs and be interviewed on local station Mix FM.

Rolling Circus received incredible feedback from a worldwide DJ Network with comments like “Excellent production from Tim” and “nice tune, quirky/uplifting nice vox- nice work”.

His second single “Atmosphere Analog” had infectious beats and an underlying message of the transformative power of dreams.

Undertone’s musical journey has been constantly evolving, marked by his commitment to excellence. Having immersed himself in the electronic music scene since 2000, Undertone’s expertise and passion culminated in constructing his cutting-edge recording studio in Benoni, completed in 2022. This studio represents a leap forward in technology and creativity, reflecting Undertone’s growth since his early forays into the industry.

Beyond his musical pursuits, Tim Bouwers leads a multifaceted life, balancing his artistic endeavors with a successful business career. An avid private pilot, he showcases his adventurous spirit in the skies. Offstage, Undertone cherishes quality time with his wife and children, embodying a harmonious blend of entrepreneurial success and musical creativity.

Pomodoro is out now


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