Low-Carb A-Fair is Cape towns official Keto and banting market. Showcasing the most incredible Ketogenic, diabetic and low-carb vendors. Hosted by Banting Baker Gigi at the main superstore in Paarden Eiland. Join us for a day of fun, great food, loads of tasters, giveaways and high quality ketogenic products. We pride ourselves on the largest range of ketogenic products in South Africa. On this very special day, we run massive deals, combos and we giveaways loads of prizes to those that purchase from our store. Come join us for a fun filled day. You can get breads, cheeses, ice creams, cakes, bakes, cookies, flours, nuts, meats, ready meals, snacks, pasta and hot meals on the day. Bring a cooler box if you plan on buying frozen meal packages. We look forward to seeing you at our next Low-Carb A-Fair. #LowCarbAFair #BantingBakerGigi #HealthyEating #Keto #Banting #Diabetic #SugarFree