From a two-bedroom house to 8 rooms

From a two-bedroom house to 8 rooms

Mfana ka Gogo tells us how he fulfilled his dream to build his mom a house

When he put blood, sweat and tears into his gigs in December last year, he had one goal in mind – to get his mom out of her two-bedroom house. 

It all paid off and now he’s doing what he’s vowed to do since he was a child, building her her dream home. 

His mom just wanted him to thrive in life and not put such pressure on himself at a young age.

But the amapiano star was set on this. Mfana Ka Gogo, real name Sipho Mbonambi, prides himself on putting a smile on his mother’s face.

The Amapiano star tells Drum about how living with his mom in a two-bedroom house inspired him to go hard on his goals.

He says he took the year 2022 as a lesson to be a responsible young man. He did just that.

“Last year was a learning curve for me. I can say it was school because I have learnt a lot about how to be responsible and take care of myself because I was still in high school, on the other hand, it was my passion – music. So I learnt the balance between the two.”

After he was done writing his exams, Mfana Ka Gogo tells Drum that he was booked and busy as usual.

“I had gigs in Joburg, North West etc. and I think on the 30th of December I budgeted some money and then went back home to start building my mother a house. I paused my gigs a bit to focus on that.

“I grew up living with my mother and three siblings so now that I am old enough, I realized that it was no longer accommodating us. I have little sisters and they are also growing, so privacy is becoming a factor.




“I always felt like going out to work so that I can change the situation at home even at school it hits me hard. I think of my background.  I noticed that time no longer allows me to stay at home and sleep in the same room sharing a bed with my siblings anymore.

“The first thing I vowed to myself before I became Mfana Ka Gogo was to build umuzi wekhaya. We stayed in a two bedroom with my mom not working, so I am making it an eight-room house and we’re building it from scratch.

He says his mother was reluctant about his request at first when he sat down to talk about his plans with her.

“She always said to me that I am still young, I should rather focus on myself and not put myself under a lot of pressure. I felt like we’re fighting because what I want is for us to be happy as a family but she was happy. She didn’t believe it when I told her. She saw when the materials to build arrived and she was happy, she’s always calling to thank me.”

He is part of the class of 2022 and when asked how confident he is about passing his matric, he replies with confidence.

“I am waiting for the results and ngiphasile futhi,” he laughs.

He says he is not nervous. “I know that I passed because I did put in the efforts as hard as I can and paused a lot of things for it.”

Mfana Ka Gogo says he has already started working on new music and hints to fans that he is releasing an album soon.

“I am in studio as we speak to record new music and will soon release it, I hope by end of this month. It’s an exciting album about everything that revolves around the world.”


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