Nhlonipho, Wins At The Game of Love

Nhlonipho, Wins At The Game of Love

Vth Season’s Rising Star, Nhlonipho, Wins At The Game of Love With His Latest Single “Popile” With Azana

Despite recently trailing off the month of love, Valentine’s fever is far from settling as Vth Season’s rising star, singer, songwriter, pianist and producer, Nhlonipho, continues to soar off his collaboration with the honeycomb-toned songstress Azana to captivate audiences with their irresistible blend of classic Afro Pop vibes and contemporary flair on their electrifying new single “Popile” taken from Nhlonipho’s acclaimed album ‘Selemo’.

Listen to “Popile” here: https://ditto.fm/selemo

“Popile”, a Nguni slang term for winning, allows Nhlonipho to revisit a classic Afro-Pop style, drawing inspiration from its sonic nuance. The creative process for the single was fulfilling as it allowed Nhlonipho to realise his aspirations of creating love songs. Azana’s ethereal vocals add depth and emotion to the track; her sound and how she responded to the song’s storyline, curating an unforgettable recording experience, made her the perfect collaborator. Nhlonipho is appreciative of how everything came together beautifully.

With its universal themes of love and joy, “Popile” resonates with those whose search for love has ended as they found their special someone and are celebrating that love daily. Nhlonipho reflects, “Popile is the perfect love song, and everybody wants to be loved. It’s a song that relates to everyone; whether you are someone who wants to be in a relationship or someone who is currently in a relationship – there is something there for everyone. It is just an all-round beautiful love song.”

For those yet to experience the magic of ‘Selemo’, which has enjoyed critical acclaim, Nhlonipho offers a compelling invitation. “The thing I love most about ‘Selemo’ is its authenticity,” he says. “It is not only soulful but also really the kind of music that lasts. It is a beautiful project filled with music that will still captivate listeners even 10 years from now.”

Looking ahead, Nhlonipho hints at exciting new collaborations and projects on the horizon. “I will be releasing new music soon with artists from East Africa,” he reveals. “I encourage people to follow me on my social platforms to keep an eye out for more amazing music to come.”

Nhlonipho has been seen in studio lately with Mthunzi, Sino Msolo, Moneoa, Aymos, Nana Atta and Martin Khan. Expect new music soon.

Be sure to request “Popile” on your favourite radio station and connect with Nhlonipho for more music news.

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