Undertone is back

Undertone is back

Undertone is back again with his hottest hit to date – “Broken Record


EDM artist Undertone is back with a bang, dropping his latest single, “Broken Record,” hot on the heels of his previous hits, “Rolling Circus,” “Atmosphere Analog,” “Pomodoro” and Let’s Be Free.


In this release, Undertone showcases a fresh wave of creativity, inviting listeners into a world of infectious beats and an uplifting message that resonates deep within. Originally conceptualized as “Rollover,” the track underwent a transformative journey, culminating in the masterpiece that is “Broken Record.”


Despite its challenges, including intricate musical details such as the incorporation of a D# note in the third chord of the Gmin key, “Broken Record” stands as a testament to Undertone’s dedication to his craft. With twelve revisions and meticulous adjustments to elements like kick layers and bass sound, the track finally gelled into its polished form.


The addition of prime vocals, carefully sourced and arranged, adds depth and dimension to “Broken Record.” The balance struck between the original male vocals, with its exaggerated dedication to love, and the female vocal lyrics, introducing a message of carefulness, elevates the track to new heights.


From the impactful horns in the Bridge to the experimentation with open and closed hat sounds, every element of “Broken Record” has been finely tuned to perfection. The result? An upbeat track that could fill up any dance floor as well as make peak-hour traffic a bit more bearable.


“Broken Record” is poised to make waves in the EDM scene,


For more information on Undertone and to stay updated on his latest releases, follow @undertoning on Instagram and stream his music on all platforms.



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