It is with deep sadness that Y pays tribute to one of its beloved talent, Lumko Johnson. 

Lumko’s family announced the news of their untimely passing in a statement released on Wednesday evening. 

The producer of The Nightcap with Lula Odiba joined the youth radio station almost six years ago.  They continued to make a difference in the media space, at Y and in the LGBTQIA+ community with their creativity, critical thinking, professional aptitude and sound grasp of societal issues. 

Lumko, an integral part of the Y family, conceptualised, wrote and directed Y’s first audio drama series Tequila AF.  This show was theirs from start to finish. 

 “On behalf of all of us at Y, we extend our sincerest condolences to Lumko’s family and friends, as well as the team at Y and our listeners. Lumko sought to shape the media industry in a positive way and I believe they left the space in a better place than they found it,” said Haseena Cassim, MD of Y. 

In paying tribute to Lumko, Lula Odiba said, “I started my journey on The Nightcap with Lumko and they taught me so much. It was an honour to work with Lumko.  All I’d like to say to Lumko: Thank you for making me smarter, braver and kinder.  I will miss your laugh and our gossip sessions.  I love you and thank you for everything.” 

Thank you for your contribution to Y, your friendship and love.  Rest well, Lumko “Johnson” Leqela.

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